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What are the risks of non GDPR compliance?

Companies doing business inside and outside of the European Union, cannot afford, financially or reputation-wise, to store and process personal data in non-accordance to the GDPR. Data-confidentiality has become a

I’m a voice actor, what are my GDPR-rights?

GDPR empowers European citizens and protects their personal data by imposing consistent and respectful processing of their personal data. What does GDPR have to do with voice actors? As a

Is GAFA subject to EU GDPR?

Absolutely. GDPR provides the legal framework for protecting the personal data of European citizens. GAFA meets the criteria of companies subject to GDPR policies. Firstly, GAFA targets European citizens which

Voice is a personal data

Protected by European GDPR and worldwide data protection laws, voice has become a focal point of supervisory authorities. Often overlooked and neglected in GDPR compliance strategies, voice is a personal

What is GDPR ?

In order to better understand the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, one must consider the history of legislation protecting citizens’ computer data.  In France, everything starts in 1973, when

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