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Deliver branded voice castings

[Now Live] Branded Client Casting Delivery

Your brand visible throughout the entire production flow. With Mediartis, you can now deliver customers corporate-branded, interactive and GDPR compliant castings via streaming! Boost your brand image Deliver projects unlike

Mediartis - Voice casting delivery via streaming

Voice Casting Delivery Reimagined

Lead your studios into the era of digital project delivery Discover a unique casting environment for comprehensive project delivery that improves the way you create, collaborate and deliver client castings.

Compliant voice casting delivery

[Now Live] Casting Access Controls

Is casting confidentiality important to you and your clients? Critical for many projects – this new feature gives you control of access authorisations! Which team members should have access to

GDPR Voice Casting Database: Q&A

Since launching the Mediartis platform, we’ve had the opportunity to discuss voice personal data and its processing in our industry, in great detail with a number of producers registered on

Mediartis - Casting voix via streaming

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