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Deliver branded voice castings

[Now Live] Branded Client Casting Delivery

Your brand visible throughout the entire production flow. With Mediartis, you can now deliver customers corporate-branded, interactive and GDPR compliant castings via streaming! Boost your brand image Deliver projects unlike

Mediartis - Voice casting delivery via streaming

Voice Casting Delivery Reimagined

Lead your studios into the era of digital project delivery Discover a unique casting environment for comprehensive project delivery that improves the way you create, collaborate and deliver client castings.

Compliant voice casting delivery

[Now Live] Casting Access Controls

Is casting confidentiality important to you and your clients? Critical for many projects – this new feature gives you control of access authorisations! Which team members should have access to

GDPR Voice Casting Database: Q&A

Since launching the Mediartis platform, we’ve had the opportunity to discuss voice personal data and its processing in our industry, in great detail with a number of producers registered on

Centralised voice data for compliance

No! Our voices are not without rights!

Les Echos publication June 17 2019. Louis de Gaulle and Nina Gosse (lawyers at De Gaulle Fleurance et Associés in Paris) on GDPR and the audiovisual voice industry.

Mediartis - Casting voix via streaming

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